Remembering Professor Seth Teller

Our team was previously led by Professor Seth Teller, who passed away on July 1, 2014.
MIT News has an appreciation of Seth's life and work. To honor his memory, MIT has created the Seth Teller Memorial Fund, which will support research, education, and other innovations that advance and improve assistive technology for people with a range of disabilities. In addition to the Memorial Fund, Professor Teller's personal page has a link to an email address,, where you can share your thoughts, photos, or stories.


Prof. Daniela Rus

Director of CSAIL, MIT
(self-organizing robots, mobile sensor networks, new technology for desktop robotics)

Prof. Rob Miller

EECS Department, MIT
(human-computer interaction, user interfaces, crowdsourcing)

Prof. Carol Livermore

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University
(microelectromechanical systems MEMS)

Postdoctoral Researchers and Ph.D. Students

Dr. Nick Wang

(machine perception, human perception, scene understanding)

David Hayden

(assistive technology, machine learning, computer vision)

Rahul Namdev

(assistive technology, human computer interface, VSLAM)

William Li

(assistive technology, spoken language systems)

Xin Xie

(signal processing, nanotechnology, simulations)

Robert Katzschmann

(mechatronics, trajectory planning, medical applications)

Dr. Jingjin Yu

(control, planning algorithms, sensor fusion, cyber-physical systems)

Undergraduate Students

  • Ryan Fish (microcontrollers, embedded system)
  • Battushig Myanganbayar (massive open online courses)
  • Adrian Grossman (embedded system)


  • Prof. John Leonard (MIT)
  • Prof. Dan Feldman (University of Haifa)
  • Prof. Luca Fanucci (University of Pisa)
  • Ross Finman (MIT)
  • Simone Fontanesi (University of Pisa)
  • Alessandro Frigerio (University of Pisa)

    Former Members

  • Dr. Maurice Fallon
  • Dr. Luis Velasquez-Heller
  • Steve Levine
  • Yafim Landa
  • Chelsea Finn
  • Peter Yu
  • Benjamin Mattinson
  • Aditya Gopalan


  • Britton Bradley