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Call for Papers: CSW 2013

The 9th annual CSAIL Student Workshop (CSW) seeks short papers and posters/demos. Submissions for five-minute Rapid-Fire presentations in 'Wild and Crazy Ideas' and 'Interesting Problems in Computer Science' are also highly encouraged. The CSAIL Student Workshop is accepting submissions in applied and theoretical research in ALL areas of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, including (but not limited to):

  • Theory
  • Language
  • Systems
  • Learning
  • Networks
  • Vision
  • Architecture
  • Graphics
  • Robotics
  • Biological and Computational Systems
  • Semantic Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction

Deadline for all submissions: October 2, 2013

Notification of Acceptance: October ,3 2013

Camera-ready Copy Due: October 4, 2013

Present your ideas, get useful feedback, and enjoy a day of brainstorming and networking with fellow graduate students. We hope this breadth-oriented workshop will be both valuable and enjoyable.

Papers and Posters/Demos

To make the submission process easier, you can submit recently published papers/posters/demos or one- to two-page abstracts. For the camera-ready copy, we would encourage you to submit a one-or two-page abstract that succinctly explains your research/idea.

We expect the papers and posters/demos to describe novel research results, ideas, or prototype systems. They should include technical detail with clear explanations to target an audience that includes incoming graduate students. Proposals for new research directions and preliminary results are also encouraged. The workshop proceedings will not be generally available outside of CSAIL, so papers and posters/demos which discuss recently published or to-be-published work are acceptable.

Rapid-Fire Presentations

Rapid-Fire presentations require abstracts to be at least 1/2 page, with 2 pages maximum. Rapid-Fire presentations do not need to describe novel work. Authors should aim for at most five minutes-worth of material, preferably three to four minues.


Awards (with cash prizes!) will be given for: Best Overall (1st: $100, 2nd: $75), Most Exciting Presentation (1st: $50, 2nd: $25), and Best Poster/Demo (1st: $50, 2nd: $25). All accepted submissions will compete for Best Overall. Only papers and Rapid-Fire presentations will compete for Most Exciting Presentation.

Submission Instructions


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