"The Seminar on Dangerous Ideas"

Informal, Evocative, Subversive.

Thursdays    1 p.m.     Stata Center Kiva (32-G449)

Conspirators and History

The Dangerous Ideas Seminar started at an ai party, with a conversation between two friends, Jake Beal and Greg Marton. Rod Brooks contributed the name and food, and some great discussions on how to get started. We've had some amazing rants, melees, and surprises, and the Seminars push on, challenging instigators with The Five Questions and looking for the biggest ideas around the lab.

We're always recruiting for the Seminars. Talk to us about your Dangerous Ideas!

Past and present organizers:

Tevfik Metin Sezgin
6/2004 - current
Greg Marton &
Jake Beal
Germination -- 5/2004