DataPress Beta Released! March 30, 2009

Hi folks. We’re excited to be posting the first beta release of DataPress today, which you can download to install as a WordPress plugin.

Media is undergoing a lot of change—both in how content is published and who is able to reach a large audience. As these changes are taking place, we want to explore tools that support journalistic excellence in online content.

The goal of the DataPress project is to provide online content authors with tools that enable them to incorporate rich, interactive data displays into their content. In addition to being another useful tool in the blogging toolbox, it is our hope that DataPress will help improve the quality of blog content, both for authors and readers. For the author, it provides a new way to present structured data without being a web programmer. For the reader, it provides an engaging display that puts you in control of how you view the data. DataPress is starting out as a WordPress plugin, but we hope to create a platform-independent version of the service in the future.

Our hope is that bloggers can make data presentations as impressive as Major News Outlets for data ranging from publication lists to global facts and figures. We would also like to see how moving these presentations into the blogging world facilitates conversation about, and reuse of, data that is publicly accessible

If you want to try DataPress before you place it in your own WordPress installation, try out our demo site (username/password is demo/demo).

DataPress relies heavily on the Exhibit web framework, originally developed by David Huynh and maintained by the MIT SIMILE group and the wonderful open source community on the SIMILE-Widgets mailing list.

So take check it out, give it a spin, and send us back your suggestions and bug reports.

Oh yeah, and we’re always looking for good open source developers to help us out :)

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