We’re Listed on the WordPress Plugin Site! November 14, 2010

In addition to finding and installing DataPress through this site and our Google code repository, we’ve added the project to the WordPress plugin site. ┬áIf you look for plugins through the WordPress plugin search, you can now find us!

Rob December 6th, 2010

Great Work!
How can we change the default Theme/Table. Is there a Template?

Thank you!

lawrence December 27th, 2010

This plugin has great potential, but I have run into a problem or two.

1. Hyperlinks (using the Google-specified convention of “=hyperlink(“[URL]“;[link text or label]” work fine in the native Google spreadsheet but are not preserved in the wordpress datapress page display.

2. Fields with multiple values (semi-colon delimited, but displayed via DataPress with friendly “and” connectors) do not interactively sort properly, even though single-value fields work just fine.

Anybody know any solutions to these issues?

David Karger December 27th, 2010

Hi Lawrence. Both of these issues are dealt with properly in the underlying exhibit framework. I’m looking into whether/how they are exposed in the datapress framework. For item (1), you can see at http://simile-widgets.org/exhibit/examples/presidents/presidents.html how the individual presidents’ names are clickable links. For item (2), there is some question about what it _means_ to sort on fields with multiple values. By default, exhibit uses one of the values (chosen arbitrarily, probably the first or last listed) as the sort key. There is an option telling exhibit to put a duplicate of the item at each spot where some value of the sort key would indicate; is that what you are looking for?

David Karger December 28th, 2010

OK, we’ve tracked the source of problem (1). Google spreadsheets allow you to make a column of your spreadsheet into a hyperlink using the “Hyperlink()” spreadsheet function. But then it doesn’t export the hyperlink in the spreadsheet data feed, so all datapress sees is the text, not the url.

The solution, if you want to use urls in your datapress exhibit, is to make a separate spreadsheet column containing the url. Then you can edit the lens in datapress to make use of the url column.