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CHI T-Shirt Competition

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This data is pulled from a contest run to pick MIT’s CHI 2009 T-Shirt design. Click on a bar in the bar chart to view the design.

Veggie Guide to Glasgow

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Here is a Vegetarian’s guide to the Glasgow area shown in a DataPress post. The data was imported from this Exhibit on the web. We simply referenced that URL and projected it onto a map.

Shown off in this post is DataPress’s ability to easily import data from elsewhere and embed it inline into a blog post. One missing feature this post highlights is our need to allow the user to set s default map Lat,Lng and zoom level.


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Trial text

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Part Worn tyres st. Helensdsdsaadsds das ds

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Ejemplo 1:



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    Exhibit 3.0 Publishing Framework

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    Exhibit 3.0:

    Publishing Framework for Large-Scale Data-Rich Interactive Web Pages

    What’s New?

    Exhibit 3.0 is available for community input. Highlights include:

    Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (client-side)

    • New HTML5 configuration language, with backward compatibility for prior configuration language
    • New localization system (no more 404′s)
    • New history system (no more __history__.html)
    • Updated libraries, including jQuery
    • Removal of external or unconfigurable service dependencies within the core
    • Most core views and facets and some popular extension views implemented
    • More developer-friendly, including a new event-driven API, basic tests, and documentation
    • Persistence: Pick up where you left off browsing an Exhibit
    • Bookmarks: Share exactly what you see with others

    General – Exhibit 2.2.0 & Exhibit 3.0

    The expression language remains the same.

    The Exhibit attribute-based configuration has changed for HTML5. A compatibility mode remains for Exhibits in XHTML files. HTML5 does not support XML namespaces, providing a new custom attribute mode in its stead. Moving from Exhibit 2.2.0 in XHTML to Exhibit 3.0 in HTML5 requires changing all attributes prefixed with ex: to be prefixed with data-ex- instead. In addition, all capital letters within the attribute name should be converted to a hyphen and lower case, e.g., ex:itemTypes becomes data-ex-item-types. The HTML5 data attribute API treats capitalization differently during document processing and when attribute access occurs, necessitating the change to hyphenation.

    Anything used in a rel attribute has changed from using the / character to the - character. The / usage is deprecated; it will still work now but will not in the future. This mostly pertains to <link rel="exhibit-data" ...>.

    Updated, native browser JSON libraries are now used. These implement a much stricter implementation of the JSON specification. A one off extension to upgrade JSON was added to the selection of Exhibit extensions. Otherwise, you may need to run your existing Exhibit JSON through JSONlint to re-qualify it for use with Exhibit 3.0.

    Loading extensions should now be done using a <link> element instead of a <script> to allow Exhibit to load them in the right order. For example, loading maps should be done with <link rel="exhibit-extension" href="path/to/map/map-extension.js">.

    A new component, the control panel, was added to Exhibit 3.0 to contain Exhibit-wide widgets, like the new bookmarking widget.

    You no longer need a __history__.html file to accompany your Exhibit files.

    The following table compares feature gaps between Exhibit 3.0 and the previous release, Exhibit 2.2.0.


    Exhibit 2.2.0 feature Exhibit 3.0 status
    Tile Fully implemented
    Tabular Fully implemented
    Thumbnail Fully implemented
    Timeline Extension Fully implemented
    Map Extension Partially implemented1,2
    Chart Extension Not yet implemented
    Timeplot Extension Not yet implemented
    Calendar Extension Not yet implemented
    Editing Hooks provided, view not yet implemented


    The Map Extension no longer incorporates the OpenLayers or VirtualEarth, now Bing Maps, providers. Interested parties should be able to review the Google Maps v2 and v3 provider scripts to see how to include a mapping provider. Consider using MapQuest as a default tile service for OpenLayers. See ex: go here.


    Exhibit 2.2.0 feature Exhibit 3.0 status
    List Fully implemented
    Cloud Fully implemented
    Text Search Fully implemented
    Numeric Range Fully implemented
    Alphabetic Range Fully implemented
    Hierarchical Fully implemented
    Slider See below1
    Image No plans to implement


    Exhibit 2.2.0 feature Exhibit 3.0 status
    Toolbox Fully implemented
    Exhibit Logo Fully implemented
    Resizable Element Fully implemented
    Options Fully implemented
    Collection Summary Fully implemented
    Legend Fully implemented
    Legend Gradient Fully implemented 1
    Bookmark New to Exhibit 3.0
    History Reset Development Tool New to Exhibit 3.0

    Data-Rich Interactive Web Pages Examples:

    This Website uses Data-Rich Interactive Web Pages with Exhibit 3 Publishing Framework.

    datavis:«Universo de emociones» by PalauGea

    «Universo de emociones» by irstaxreliefsettlement

    datavis:Time travel in movies by mr-dalliard

    Time travel in movies by mr-dalliard


    The Exhibit 3 project was supported by the Library of Congress. It is a partnership among MIT Libraries, MIT CSAIL and Zepheira, including personnel from the original SIMILE project. See the Exhibit 3.0 launch press release (PDF).