1. Does Datapress collect information about my usage patterns?

    It will, if the option labeled “Help Research!” in your Wordpress panel under Settings->Datapressis checked.  Specifically, Datapress will “call home” with information whenever someone visits a blog post containing an Exhibit.  This helps us track whether people are actually using Datapress, and also tracks which features of Datapress are used. 

    The only information we collect is how frequently an exhibit is viewed, the url of the post containing the exhibit, which datasources you use,and whether the exhibit is lightboxed or not.We will not publish information that is identifyable to you.  If we do publish any of the information we collect, it will be de-anonymized and aggregated.  If you are uncomfortable with having this data collected, simply uncheck the “Help Research!” box.

  2. What formats of datasource can I import into Datapress?

    While we hope to expand our compatible data formats, we currently support Exhibit JSON and Google Spreadsheets

  3. Where can I file a bug report?

    Go to the Bug Tracker on the project’s Google Code Repository.

  4. What version of php does Datapress require?

    Datapress uses features only available in php5 and above, which is available on most web hosts. Some hosts have php5, but default to earlier versions. To make the php in Datapress work, go to the root of your Wordpress (not Datapress) installation, and add an .htaccess file with the line:

    AddHandler php5-script .php

    If this still does not work, contact your system administrator and ask for the correct AddHandler line to make apache use the local php5 installation.

Alternatively, if you have any questions you would like answered, just sent email to datapress {at} csail {dot} mit {dot} edu.