Agent ShapeSize

The Shape Size agent expresses a preference for the X, Y, and Z extents of each shape of a certain zoneType to fall within a editable ranges.

A design's unfitness as evaluated by AgentShapeSize is a weighted average of the amounts by which the size along each axis of each shape of a certain zoneType falls outside its specified range. If each shape's dimensions lie within the specified ranges, the reported unfitness is 0.000. If a design contains no shapes of the zoneType in question, this agent is ignored and its evaluation will not figure in the design's overall unfitness.

The Shape Size agent is good for determining the size and axial proportions of shapes of a certain zoneType.

If you choose to edit this agent, you will be presented with this dialog box.

Note: AgencyGP's Z dimension is up/down. It corresponds to Maya's Y dimension.