Parameter Shape Mutation

This setting is the percent probability that an individual, when mutated, will have one of its shapes selected at random and mutated by the changing of one of the parameters in its parameter list:

  Which of the zoneTypes to set this shape to.
  To what ratio of the base size should the top curve flare to when the shape is extruded.
  How should this shape behave when it intersects with another shape? (There are 45 options.)
  How tall should the extruded shape be?
  At what vertical level should the extrusion start?

The percentages that each of these parameters will be mutated is settable by the controls below this one.

Parameter Shape Mutation is normalized to sum to 85% with

Command Insertion Mutation
Command Delete Mutation
Command Change Mutation

when you leave this dialog page, so it may not retain the same numeric value when you return, but its relative value will be equivalent. That means that to set this value as high as you can, you must set the others listed above to low values.