Juan Subercaseaux
Architectural Association School of Architecture
Emergent Technologies + Design 2004-2005
04. March 2005

Smooth variation of surfaces by controlled modification of environment
The variables of research are population, gravity, attraction and noise. The results are the different mixture of the original boundaries. Eight settings are performed with an overall production of 281 surfaces, the modifications in order to obtain the eight different settings where introduced trough changes in an original script. This script was essential for the render process of the surfaces and also for the order and storage of the high amount of files created.

The aim of this exercise it's focused in the controlled modification of surfaces trough the managing of the environment. Each surfaces is made by a six steps growing Genr8 model. With exception of a few, most of the settings in Genr8 are default or slightly different, on the other hand, gravity it's set up to 5. In the environment it's set only a small polytorus. In the first instance this object breaks the surface while it's falling and growing at the same time. While the polytorus is moved in X,Y and Z, the effect of the changing environment is evident on the sixth and final step of the growing surfaces.

The following script is one of the scripts used in the series.

int $x, $y, $z;

for ($x = 0; $x < 1; $x++){
            for ($y = 0; $y < 1; $y++){
                      for ($z = -15; $z < 5; $z++){

                      polyTorus -r 3 -sr 0.5 -tw 0 -sx 20 -sy 20 -ax 0 1 0 -tx 1 -ch 1 ;

                      rotate 90 0 0;

                      move $x $y $z;

                      genr8 -t 4 -n 6 -ba 90 -g z -5 -sp 0 0 10 -rn 0;



                      setAttr "perspShape.backgroundColor" -type double3 1 1 1 ;

                      select -r genr8Surface1 ;

                      createAndAssignShader surfaceShader "";

                      // Result: Connected shadingMap1.outColor to
                      shadingMap1SG.surfaceShader //

                      sets -e -forceElement surfaceShader3SG;

                      setAttr "surfaceShader3.outColor" -type double3 1 1 1 ;

                      setAttr -type "string" defaultRenderGlobals.outFormatExt ".swf";

                      string $xyz = $x + "_" + $y + "_" + $z;

                      string $saveFile = "C:/Documents and Settings/subercaseaux_ju/My
                      Documents/Genr8 exercises/Render_S1/A/R_" +$xyz;

                      setAttr "lambert1.color" -type double3 1 1 1 ;

                      polySoftEdge -a 0 -ch 1 genr8Surface1;

                      // Result: polySoftEdge1 //

                      select vectorRenderGlobals;

                      vectorize -if swf -w 809 -h 799 -dl 20 -ct 7.5 -fs SingleColor -es Outline
                      -sb -ec 0 0 0 -ew 0.5 -c persp -fv 5 -cf -rv -ff "name_.ext" -of

                      print $xyz;



The images below are selected as families of the geometries achieved.