attractor [flags]



Use this command to place attractors (you may still place attractors using the flags for genr8). When you have placed the attractor, you may move it around just like an ordinary Maya-cylinder. If you use this command it is a good idea to remove the attractors with degenr8, since it cleans up the MEL-variables that are generated. If that is not done, things may behave strangely later. If you select a attractor when this command is executed, you will be able to edit the values of the attractor.

The attractors that are being drawn are ordinary polyCylinders and as long as you do not change the name of the attractor, feel free to alter the position and the size.

If you select an attractor and use the attractor command, you will be able to edit the parameters. Whenever you change a value, you should hit enter while the cursor remains in that field. If you edit a attractor, you will get the GUI, regardless of the presence of the -g flag.


Turn on a gui to place the attractor.
-p/position double double double
Position of the attractor. Default is origin.
-c/constant double
Set the nominator in the attractor equation. Default is 10.
The exponent for the attractor equation. Default is 2.



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