What is GENR8?

GENR8 is a design tool for generating surfaces. Surfaces are generated through a reactive growth process. The growth model is based on map L-systems. The growth is governed by a grammar that holds the instructions for the growth process. The process tries to mimic natural growth. The grammars can either be defined by the user, or generated by an evolutionary algorithm. The development of the surface is highly dependent on the environment, which can be defined by the user as well as by a multitude of parameters.

GENR8 is designed to be an architect's design tool. It is meant to be used as an aid for the designer early in the design process. Guided by the user, the tool can create novel designs. During the entire process, the user has complete control. This concept is labeled Interruption, Intervention and Resumption (IIR) and it is an important notion for the EDG.