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Early Artificial Intelligence Research : Caught on Film

Oral Histories
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The following informal film interviews were conducted during the AAAI 50th Anniversary Celebration (Fellows Symposium) and during the summer of 2006.

Ron Brachman: Brachman.mp4    [93769 kB]
Danny Bobrow: Bobrow.mp4    [107356 kB]
Jim Hendler: Hendler.mp4 [59987 kB]  
Nils Nilsson: Nilsson.mp4   [131951 kB]
David Wilkins: Wilkins.mp4   [72520 kB]
Ben Kuipers: Kuipers.mp4 [132268 kB]  
Manuela Veloso: Veloso.mp4   [64227 kB]
Ed Feigenbaum: Feigenbaum.mp4   [93737 kB]
Randall Davis: Davis.mp4
Harry Barrow: Barrow.mp4
Bruce Buchanan: Buchanan.mp4   [54199 kB]
Alan Bundy: Bundy.mp4   [60636 kB]
Jon Doyle: Doyle.mp4   [77911 kB]
Drew McDermott: McDermott.mp4   [135558 kB]
Ryszard Michalski: Michalski.mp4   [80121 kB]
Chuck Rich: Rich.mp4   [89196 kB]
Edwina Rissland: Rissland.mp4   [71319 kB]
Candace Sidner: Sidner.mp4   [39262 kB]
Reid Simmons: Simmons.mp4   [78877 kB]
Gerry Sussman: Sussman.mp4   [106306 kB]
Beverly Woolf: Woolf.mp4   [58215 kB]
Peter Szolovits: Szolovits.mp4   [135730 kB]
Henry Kautz: Kautz.mp4 [59350 kB]  
Bart Selman: Selman.mp4   [47752 kB]
Bill Swartout: Swartout.mp4   [78225 kB]
Pat Winston: Winston.mp4   [64749 kB]
Rod Brooks: Brooks.mp4   [103357 kB]
Marvin Minsky: Minsky.mp4   [141748 kB]

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