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Early Artificial Intelligence Research : Caught on Film

AI History
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Artificial Intelligence Projects: A Student Perspective

Created at CSAIL by Heather Knight, August 2006
Edited by Thomas Greene, December 2006

(Please send email with additions/modifications to this essay to J. Costanza ( jackc@csail.mit.edu )

Film History

Here you will find a chronology of some of AI's most influential projects and how they worked. It is intended for both non-scientists and those ready to continue experimentation and research tomorrow. Included is a taste of who the main players have been, concepts they and their projects have explored and how the goals of AI have evolved and changed over time. Many will be surprised that some of what we now consider standard tools like search engines, spell check and spam filters are all outcroppings of AI research.

Please give feedback and corrections to J. Costanza ( jackc@csail.mit.edu )

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Designed by Luis Gomez, Heather Knight
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