The workshop will take place in the Patil/Kiva Seminar Room, on the fourth floor of the Stata Center at MIT.

Light breakfast


Session 1

Partitioning the Web: Shaping Online Consumer Choice
Jolie M. Martin and Michael I. Norton

Record Relationship Navigation: Implications for Information Access and Discovery
Christina Anderson

Faceted Browsing, Dynamic Interfaces, and Exploratory Search: Experiences and Challenges
Robert Capra and Gary Marchionini

Session 2

Idea Navigation: Structured Browsing for Unstructured Text
Robin Stewart, Gregory Scott, and Vladimir Zelevinsky

GK: A post-search information retrieval system
Joseph Barillari

A Knowledge-Based Search Engine Powered by Wikipedia
David Milne, Ian H. Witten, and David M. Nichols

Session 3

Visual Text Analysis by Lay Users: The Case of “Many Eyes”
Fernanda B. Viégas and Martin Wattenberg

Personal Information Management, Personal Information Retrieval?
Michael Bernstein, Max Van Kleek, David R. Karger, and mc schraefel

Collaborative Exploratory Search
Jeremy Pickens and Gene Golovchinsky

Lunch (provided)

Keynote (open to the public)

Do Users Need a Search Parachute and a Search Compass? Supporting Navigation and Guided Discovery During Exploratory Search
Ryen White, Microsoft Research

Poster/Demo Session (open to the public)
At the Stata Center 1st floor TSMC lobby

Poster/Demo Session 1

Begel, Andrew. Codifier: A Programmer-Centric Search User Interface.
Bell, Peter. Authority Facets: Judging Trust in Unfamiliar Content.
Kules, Bill. Mapping the Design Space of Faceted Search Interfaces.
Kumaran, Giridhar, and Xue, Xiaobing. Images as Supportive Elements for Search.
Maybury, Mark. Searching Conversational Speech.
Ran, Alexander, and Lencevicius, Raimondas. Natural Language Access to Information for Mobile Users.
Speer, Rob, and Havasi, Catherine. AnalogySpace and ConceptNet.
Tunkelang, Daniel. Normalized Clarity and Guided Query Interpretation.
Woods, William A. Less Searching, More Finding: Improving Human Search Productivity.

Poster/Demo Session 2

Ahn, Jae-wook, and Brusilovsky, Peter. Mediating between User Query and User Model with Adaptive Relevance-Based Visualization.
Futrelle, Robert. Characterization of Diagrams and Retrieval Strategies for Them.
Ginosar, Shiry. Human Computation for HCIR Evaluation.
Görg, Carsten, and Stasko, John. Jigsaw: A Visual Index on Large Document Collections.
Huang, Yifen. Reasoning and Learning in Mixed-Initiative Tasks.
Kotelly, Blade. Resonance: Penalty-Free Deep Look-Ahead With Dynamic Summarization of Result Sets.
Lin, Xia. Visual Concept Explorer.
Smucker, Mark D. Navigating Document Networks.
Stonebraker, Michael. Integrating the "Deep Web" With the "Shallow Web".
Yeh, Tom. Multimodal Question Answering for Mobile Devices.

Closing Discussion Session

Reception at Endeca Technologies

Endeca is approximately 10 minutes walking distance from CSAIL.

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