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Prasad Jayanti. Robust wait-free hierarchies. Journal of the ACM, 44(4):592-614, July 1997. [BibTeX entry]
Preliminary version

A preliminary version of these results was presented in: Prasad Jayanti. On the robustness of Herlihy's hierarchy. In Proceedings of the Twelth Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, pages 145-157, Ithaca, New York, USA, 15-18 August 1993.

Categories and Subject Descriptors: B.3.2 [Memory Structures]: Design Styles -- shared memory; B.4.3 [Input/Output and Data Communications]: Interconnections (subsystems) -- asynchronous/synchronous operation; C.1.2 [Processor Architectures]: Multiple Data Stream Architectures (Multiprocessors); D.1.3 [Programming Techniques]: Concurrent Programming; D.3.3 [Programming Languages]: Language Constructs and Features; D.4.1 [Operating Systems]: Process Management; D.4.7 [Operating Systems]: Organization and Design -- distributed systems

General Terms: Algorithms, Reliability, Theory

Additional Key Words and Phrases: Asynchronous computing, hierarchy, implementation, MIMD, robustness, shared memory, shared objects, synchronization, wait-freedom

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