JVerbnet is a Java library for interfacing with the University of Colorado's Verbnet data. It features API calls to retrieve verb classes by their id numbers, associated Wordnet keys or Propbank groupings. The library includes no GUI elements, and is written for Java 1.5.0. The software is free to use for all purposes, as long as proper acknowledgments are made.

JVerbnet does not include the verbnet data directly. The Verbnet data itself must be downloaded separately from the Verbnet site at http://verbs.colorado.edu/~mpalmer/projects/verbnet.html.

Binary Files Only
User's Manual
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Development Kit (binaries and source)
All-in-One (jdk, javadocs, manual)

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API Reference | Changelog | License | Older Versions

If you have found a bug or would like to request a new feature, or simply would like get in touch, please contact me.