JWI (the MIT Java Wordnet Interface) is a Java library for interfacing with Wordnet. JWI supports access to Wordnet versions 1.6 through 3.0, among other related Wordnet extensions. Wordnet is a freely and publicly available semantic dictionary of English, developed at Princeton University.

JWI is written for Java 1.5.0 and has the package namespace edu.mit.jwi. The distribution does not include the Wordnet dictionary files; these can be downloaded from the Wordnet download site. This version of software is distributed under a license that makes it free to use for all purposes, as long as proper copyright acknowledgement is made.

Citing JWI: If you use JWI in your work, and wish to cite a paper on it, you may use the following reference:

Finlayson, Mark Alan (2014) Java Libraries for Accessing the Princeton Wordnet: Comparison and Evaluation. In H. Orav, C. Fellbaum, & P. Vossen (Eds.), Proceedings of the 7th International Global WordNet Conference (GWC 2014) (pp. 78-85). Tartu, Estonia.
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