The Movie Event:  Stata Dream Vacation








Enchantment! Adventure! Shopping!


Show the boys and girls of StataWorld how their dreams cancome true in your magical theme park. Your team should create a short movieadvertising the rides, shows and other attractions that visitors to your parkwill experience.


Some examples from actual theme parks:


Indiana Jones Adventure

Team up with Indy once againand journey into the sacred - and deadly - chambers of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.



LEGO Sports Center

Life-sized NBA players constructed entirely out of LEGO bricks tower over young guests shooting baskets at hoops of variousheights.




Shamu's Happy Harbor

Climbaboard the "Wahoo Two," a ready-to-explore fun ship for pretendpirates docked right in the center of Shamu's Happy Harbor. Play your waythrough a crazy water maze, splash down cool slides, crawl through a sea ofplastic balls, or create your own sand castle in more than 200 tons of sand!



The world's first and only 4th dimensional coaster.








You should have at least three different attractions in your movie.


General Scoring

Participation             2 points will be awarded for every team member to appear in the video.

                                 5 points will be awarded for every member to appear as a fairytale creature*.

Editing                      0-10 points

Sound Track             0-10 points

Special Effects           0-10points



Best Attraction                    15 points

Best Theme Park                 15 points

Best Fairytale Creature         15 points

Least Serious                      15 points


*mustbe convincing, i.e. in costume and/or acting.




The movie should be approximately one minute in length. To participate, make yoursubmission on a cued miniDV tape to KateSaenko in D510 by noon on Friday, January 28th. This event is worthfive times more than any other event at this yearŐs Olympics, so start shootingearly and plan for at least a day of editing.


Questions? Email saenko at mit dot edu.