CSAIL Olympics 2008 Film Contest
Cereal sales are on the downturn. Faced with subprime mortgages and slowing capital, the cereal makers of the world have decided to recruit computer science graduate students to re-engineer their advertising campaigns. Victor Zue, sensing an opportunity for CSAIL to show off its creativity and top-rate talent, jumped at the chance. "If we can re-engineer database systems and network layers, certainly we can re-engineer a marketing campaign!," Zue announced Monday in a press release. He added, "The logic is infallible."

In a positively-worded yet firm message to csail-announce@csail.mit.edu, Zue charged the CSAIL Olympics teams to produce debut commercials for the new CSAIL Cereal Marketing Initiative (Gold Funders: Kellogg, General Mills; Silver Funders: Post Cereals, Quaker Oats; Bronze Funder: The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign). Zue offered an Amazon.com gift certificate to the winning team*, over Richard Stallman's protests.

Each team is to produce a commercial for a cereal of its choosing. The more entertaining, the better! The cereal can be the source of the team's mascot, but doesn't have to be — you are allowed to use other cereals or make up new cereals if desired.

Commercial Requirements:
Audience-selected Winners:
Opportunities for Bonus Points:
* This is not true.