CSAIL Olympics 2009 Film Contest
CSAIL Director Victor Zue was in a panic. The economic downturn had dried up all available funding sources, and the lab was hurting for money. Zue had tried all the obvious fundraisers: rebranding as Maruchan Ramen presents the MIT Computer Science and AI Lab, offering ad space on CSAIL TV, and procuring investment from Asian technology firms.

One day, on his way back from lunch at the Royal East, Victor was passing by a graduate student's desk when he heard something so arresting that he froze midstep. "What," he ventured to the bewildered student, "are those dulcet tones emanating from your computer?" The response changed his life: "Numa Numa." Victor was later seen rushing around lab pumping his hands into the air repeatedly in a rhythmic fashion.

Seeing the massive market value of internet memes, Victor issued a proclamation that CSAIL would re-orient its research efforts around them -- "doing memesearch," as he called it. A competition was arranged wherein CSAIL students would team up to create novel internet meme videos to be spread to the world at large.

This is your goal: come up with a viral internet meme. Film it. Edit it. Unveil it at the CSAIL Olympics closing ceremony.

Meme Video Requirements:
Audience-selected Winners:
Opportunities for Bonus Points: