CSAIL Amazing Research Highlight Competition & Party

The CSAIL Amazing Research Highlight Competition is over. Congratulations to all presenters! Your research is Amazing. Many thanks to all CSAIL members to came out, marvelled at the Amazing Research, ate and cheered for the winners!

Click here to see the videos about the winning projects.

Competition Entries

Team Title Prize
Fadel Adib
Zachary Kabelac
Chen-Yu Hsu
Hongzi Mao
From Wireless Tech to SuperpowersFirst Place ($4,000)
Ariel Anders
Gabriel Cruz
Beerbots Runner-Up ($2,000)
Andrew Spielberg
Adriana Schulz
Cynthia Sung
Wei Zhao
Interactive RobogamiRunner-Up ($2,000)
Erik Hemberg
Jacob Rosen
Simulation of Tax Evasion And Law Through Heuristics (STEALTH) Finalist ($500)
Lindsay Michelle Sanneman
Joseph DelPreto
Ankur Mehta
A Distributed Robot Garden System Finalist ($500)
Marzyeh Ghassemi
Tristan Josef Naumann
Maniacal Use of Complex Medical DataFinalist ($500)
Adrian Dalca
Ramesh Sridharan
tipiX: Rapid Visualization of Large Image CollectionsFinalist ($500)
Neal Wadhwa Real-time Video Magnification Finalist ($500)
Karthik Narasimhan
Tejas Kulkarni
Learning to Play Text-Based Adventure Games
Muhammad Jehangir Amjad
Andrei Ivanov
Nils Molina
George Chen
Real-time Bitcoin Price Forecasting for Algorithmic Trading
Daniel Zoran
Phillip Isola
From Ordinal Measurements to Mid-Level Vision
Ramya Ramakrishnan Perturbation Training for Human-Robot Teams
Joseph DelPreto
Ankur Mehta
Printable Robots on Demand
John Romanishin
Sebastian Claici
Kyle Gilpin
M-Blocks Modular Robots Reconfiguration
Robert Katzschmann
Kristoffer Frey
Autonomous Soft Robotic Fish
Mehmet Dogar
Andrew Spielberg
Changhyun Choi
Stuart Baker
Multi-Scale Assembly of MIT Building 10 with Robot Teams