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Robotics Science & Systems 2005
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
June 8-11, 2005

Update: The workshop will be held in Room D461

(Opening session will begin at 9am Saturday morning).

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Robotics Education Workshop

  John Leonard, (MIT)
Una-May O'Reilly, (MIT)
Nick Roy, (MIT)
Daniela Rus, (MIT)      * contact *
Seth Teller, (MIT)

  Robotics provides the perfect educational tool for introducing students to embedded systems and computation for interacting with the physical world. Several universities have already introduced special topics courses on robotics. The curricula and hardware platforms for these courses is quite varied and the goals of the courses differ across ME, EE, and CS departments. We wish to leverage this excellent body of knowledge and discuss how to develop an integrated approach to teaching robotics that will train students simultaneously in in foundational aspects of designing, controlling, and programming robots and embedded systems. The objective of this workshop is to evaluate the state of the art for undergraduate robotics education and discuss how to build on this experience toward a broad integration of robotics in the undergraduate curricula.

Our proposed workshop will cover topics including: robotics curricula, hardware platforms and kits, software platforms, issues related to integrating EE, ME, and CS topics in one course, laboratory curricula, and role of broad challenges and competitions in the curricula.

  We will conduct an all-inclusive workshop. Everybody who wants to come will be able to attend. Everybody who wants to do a presentation on a particular course will be allocated some time to do so.

We will post a call for participation for the workshop. Participants will have the option to make a presentation on curricula and course materials but this will not be mandatory. We will have a minimum of 5 participants who will present (MIT, USC, Olin, Colorado College, Penn). If more participants wish to present we will divide the morning into course presentations equally between all who wish to speak.

The workshop will be equally divided between presentations of current courses and discussion on the key issues of integrating robotics in an undergraduate curriculum. The morning will consist of presentations on educational activities at the speaker institutions. For speakers outside the US we will ask the speakers to include an overview of other educational activities in their areas. The afternoon will consist of panel discussions on the following topics: curricula, shared tools (common hardware and software platforms platforms) and the role of experimental work, broad challenges and competition in such classes.

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