Call for Tutorial Proposals: CLOSED

People interested in giving a tutorial at SASO 2007 are invited to read the following call, also available in PDF and text formats.



First International Conference on
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO 2007)
Boston, Mass., USA, July 9-11, 2007

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society,
Task Force on Autonomous and Autonomic Systems
(approval pending)

in cooperation with ACM SIGOPS (approval pending)
and ISCE Research


Tutorial Scope

The SASO-2007 Organizing Committee invites proposals for tutorials to be held in association with the conference. SASO is a new conference which aims to bring together, hitherto, diverse communities working within Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems to build a new academic community. The tutorial program has been initiated to support this aim.

      Tutorials should address one or more of the following objectives:

  • Introduce a major topic area of SASO research.
  • Survey a significant application / technology area of SASO.
  • Explain an area of SASO research relevant to industry.
  • Overview a particular approach or methodology for SASO work.
  • Highlight emerging SASO topics and techniques.
  • Explain SASO ideas originating from one community but applicable to others.

      For a guide on what topic areas, technologies and communities fall within the SASO focus refer to the Call For Papers available on the conference website.

      It is not expected that tutorials will cover specific topics or techniques that are already covered in existing textbooks. For example, a tutorial on "genetic algorithms" or "neural networks" would not be accepted. However, tutorials that coherently show how existing techniques have been applied in novel ways to solve engineering problems would be acceptable. Novel and timely areas, approaches and paradigms are particularly encouraged. Proposals that promote only a single author's work or a specific commercial product are not encouraged.

Proposal Submission

Tutorial proposals, maximum 3 pages, should contain:

  • Title - descriptive title of the tutorial. Max. 1 line.
  • Length - specify half-day (approx. 4 hrs) or full-day (approx. 8 hrs)
  • Description - a brief, one paragraph, description of the tutorial suitable for publication on the SASO website and other publicity material. Max. half-page.
  • A statement of why the tutorial is relevant / interesting for the potential conference audience. Max. half-page.
  • An outline syllabus of the topics / material to be covered in the tutorial - list a maximum of eight specific subtopic headings. For each heading list relevant keywords and, where necessary, references to representative published work that will be covered within that topic. Max one page.
  • Short resume of the presenter(s) including name, e-mail, home web-page URL, postal address, tel. and fax number and brief description of background in the tutorial area including evidence of teaching experience (previous courses / tutorials taught) and scholarship in the area (2 or 3 selected references to representative publications). If more than one presenter is listed indicate which should be the corresponding contact. Max. half-page.

Proposal Acceptance

Tutorial submissions will be evaluated by the SASO Tutorial Chair in association with the General Co-Chairs. During the evaluation process the prospective speakers may be contacted to provide clarification or further information. Those submitting rejected proposals will be given reasons and feedback.

      For all accepted proposals SASO will provide:

  • Meeting place, publicity, logistics and registration for the tutorial
  • Duplication and distribution of tutorial notes to participants

      Tutorial organizers provide:

  • A PDF file of their tutorial notes by the due date
  • Presentation of their tutorial at SASO 2007


      All inquiries and proposals should be sent by e-mail (in plain text) by February 28, 2007 to the Tutorial Chair:
      David Hales
      Dept. of Computer Science
      University of Bologna
      e-mail address image


Important Dates for Tutorials:

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 28, 2007
Acceptance Notifications: March 31, 2007
Deadline for submitting tutorial notes: April 30, 2007
Tutorial Presentations: July 8-12, 2007