Trusted Computing @ MIT


This is the home page for the research project on Trusted Computing at MIT CSAIL. In this project, we are studying various aspects of Trusted Computing, including the design, implementation, and applications of Trusted Computing systems. Our work includes proposing new applications as well as recommendations for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). However, we do not see the general idea of Trusted Computing to be limited to systems using the TPM, and are also studying applications and implementations of Trusted Computing in other contexts and using other hardware components such as smart cards.





Related Previous Projects

Earlier work done by members of our group include work on silicon PUFs (Physically Unclonable Functions), the AEGIS secure processor, and others. Click here for a list of some publications.


Our research is funded in part by Quanta Computer (Taiwan) under the T-Party project, by the NSF under the CyberTrust prorgam, and by ITRI (Taiwan).