D i d o

The Data-Interactive Document

Dido is a web page that contains data and visualizations of it that you can edit right in the page. It's based on our Exhibit framework, but adds the ability to modify what you are looking at.

You can play with Dido by clicking this link. You'll be able to do everything except save the document. If you want to download Dido so you can edit and then save the results, click here.

Full instructions can be found in the document itself---just choose help at the top. You can also download the paper about the system, which appeared at UIST 2009, along with a video demo. You can find other Dido examples here.

The subversion repository can be checked out here.

Warning for Internet Explorer users: Dido uses CSS rules that Internet Explorer 7 does not understand. Dido works in IE8, but will look funny if IE8 is emulating IE7's Document mode. You can check by selecting Tools >> Developer Tools from the IE8 menu. In the new window that opens, the menu bar will have a "Document Mode" that you can change to "IE8 standards".

Note sure what is going on? Watch this screencast first.