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GSB is a time honored tradition from the old AI Lab days. It has happily survived the AI/LCS merger and moves from NE43's cozy 7th floor playroom through its deluxe accommodations on the 9th floor of 32-G and finally into the 4th floor of 32-D where it has and will stay for the foreseeable future. There is a rich history about GSB which we will hopefully post here soon.

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Be a part of the experience, all week long, from the comfort of your terminal, by sharing some of your (good?) fortune.

Archives and History (Link):

Lots of history and miscelaneous notes about GSB have been collected over the years.  I've tried to update and organize it some.  I still need to update the archive of weekly messages (which is extremely out of date).   Enjoy the Archives!

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Last updated: 02/27/2015