GSB Archives

Welcome to GSB of weeks and years, and years, and years, gone by. A lot of stuff has surprisingly survived many years of bit rot and lab and file system changes. We've tried to put it all together for you and hope you like it.

Old message archives

We have finally modernized the GSB archive!  Here are the two sets of archives:

Thanks to Mark Foltz, Carlin Vieri, and Carl de Marken for making the old archives, and all the funny people that wrote all those messages.

GSB message websites

Some messages were special enough to warrant their own web pages. Here's the ones we have on hand:

Historical Accounts

In the old days there wasn't a big shinny fridge. This was the protocol back then: GSB Icing

Carl de Marcken apparently collected lore from people who were around at the dawn of GSL and GSB. Here's what he collected:

Miscellaneous Correspondences

A number of random email threads have also been saved for posterity, and we bring them to you... in a bit... Some of the players are still around, some are not. Either way, we think they are fun, and if we ever get the files sorted out you will too.

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Last updated: 6/09/2014