CSAIL Research Party

November 3, 3:30-6pm, R&D

We invite you to participate in the CSAIL Research Party on November 3, 3:30-6pm in R&D. It's a great opportunity to meet your CSAIL labmates, learn about their research, show off your research and win prizes.


David Harwath Learning language through vision
Zoya Bylinskii Predicting importance for graphic design
Christopher Dean Remote sensing of emission sources via multi-flight data fusion
Zenna Tavares Synthesizing representations from probabilistic axioms
Marco Cusumano-Towner Quantifying the probable approximation error of probabilistic inference programs
Fredrik Kjolstad Simit: A language for computing on sparse systems when performance matters
Feras Saad Probabilistic data analysis with probabilistic programming
Ben Sherman Programming with continuous functions
Lea Verou Mavo: Creating interactive data-driven web applications by authoring HTML
Merry Mou Evaluating target performances of networks with model-based metrics
Zane Markel Security guidance from Internet of Things communications architectures
Samuel DeLaughter Denial of Service Mitigation through Protocol Design: A Case Study on SCTP
Tuka AlHanai How are you feeling? Determining the latent state of individuals engaged in conversation
Valentina Shin Voice Script: dynamic authoring of speech recordings
Tejas Sundaresan MedTrend: Quantitative analysis and trend recognition on longitudinal medical record data
Mandy Korpusik Using computers to eat healthier

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