Many self-organizing or self-adaptive systems are "spatial computers" -- collections of local computational devices distributed through a physical space, in which:

(1) the difficulty of moving information between any two devices is strongly dependent on the distance between them, and

(2) the "functional goals" of the system are generally defined in terms of the system's spatial structure.

The goal of this workshop is to explicitly identify the idea of "spatial computing" as a theme in self-organizing and self-adaptive systems, and further to develop the study of spatial computation as a subject in its own right. We believe that progress towards identifying common principles, techniques, and research directions -- and consolidating the substantial progress that is already being made -- will benefit all of the fields in which spatial computing takes place. And, as the impact of spatial computing is recognized in many areas, we hope to set up frameworks to ensure portability and cross-fertilization between solutions in the various domains.


Thank you to everyone who made the Spatial Computing Workshop a success! Paper and slides are being posted on the program page as they become available.