Technical Program

9:00 Defining Spatial Computing (Jacob Beal) slides
9:15 Invited Talk: "Topological Rewriting for Spatial Computing" (Antoine Spicher)
10:00 break
10:15 Technical Session #1: Directions
10:15 "Bioinspired Environmental Coordination in Spatial Computing Systems" (Justin Werfel, Yaneer Bar-Yam, and Donald Ingber) slides
10:45 "Nature-inspired Spatial Metaphors for Pervasive Service Ecosystems" (Cynthia Villalba, Alberto Rosi, Mirko Viroli, and Franco Zambonelli) slides
11:15 "Cells are Plausible Targets for High-Level Spatial Languages" (Jacob Beal and Jonathan Bachrach) slides
11:45 Discussion - directions
11:15 Invited Talk: "Engineering Self-Organizing Systems" (Radhika Nagpal)
13:00 lunch
14:00 Technical Session #2: Language & Theory
14:00 "Spatial Self-Organization of Heterogeneous, Modular Architectures" (Rene Doursat) slides
14:30 "Infinite Distance Fields need only Finite-State: Voronoi Diagram and Convex Hull as examples of use" (Luidnel Maignan and Frederic Gruau)
15:00 "Connectivity Service for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks" (Alejandro Cornejo and Nancy Lynch) slides
15:30 Discussion - language & theory
16:00 break
16:10 Technical Session #3: Domains
16:10 "Spatial Computing with Labels" (U.P. Schultz, M. Bordignon, D. Christensen, and K. Stoy) slides
16:40 "Aspects of Distance Sensitive Design of Wireless Sensor Networks" (Vinodkrishnan Kulathumani and Anish Arora) slides
17:10 "Artificial Ontogeny for Truss Structure Design" (Alexandre Devert, Nicolas Bredeche, and Marc Schoenauer)
17:40 Discussion - domains
18:10 Final Discussion 18:30 Workshop ends