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Location: MIT, 50 Vassar Street, room 34-101, Cambridge, MA 02139

MIT has negotiated rates with a number of different local area hotel & lodging properties. More info can be found on these deals by going to the MIT Travel web page.

A few local hotels have also contacted the Spam Conference organizer(s) directly and offered a special rate for attendees.

The Best Western Terrace Boston Inn can offer a rate of $89.99 per night, which includes complimentary continental breakfast and guest parking. Here is our information:
Best Western Terrace Inn
1650 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02135
(617) 566-6260

Additionally, a hotel packaging website contacted the organizers and offers a 10% discount on rooms booked via their website for attendees of the MIT Spam Conference. (Us conference organizers have no idea if this company is legitimate, so please take only what risks are acceptable to you when taking advantage of this offer.) Here is their blurb:

HotelsCombined(tm) - International Conference Support Program

You'll find a variety of accommodation options in Cambridge. provides an accommodation price comparison search engine and is offering a 10% rebate all participants attending the MIT Spam Conference 2010.

For further information on their conference rebate program and to claim your rebate directly please visit:

You can start searching for your preferred hotel in Cambridge here:

Britton Bradley
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