GSB Announcments

This page contains archived Girl Scout Benefit announcements from as far back as 1986 up until 2001.

Sadly, many of the messages are lost forever. We are trying to integrate all of the archived messages but until we can do that the more recent ones can be found separtely.

GSB History

To be filled in when time permits. See the May 20, 1994, March 19, 1993, and September 11, 1987 messages for alternative views on the history of the Girl Scout Benefit.

GSB Announcements

Listed below are most of the GSB announcements that I have been able to obtain. The entire unedited archive is also available; there shouldn't be much of a difference though the archive contains a few old ones that are relatively uninteresting.

mark a. foltz --
Carlin Vieri --
Carl de Marcken --